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Blue Christmas Hut & Tree Bauble

Birch & Yarn (Gifts from Nature) Ltd.

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Dia: 5 - 7.5 cm(appx) with string of 12.5 cm

Hand-Painted Paper Mache Christmas baubles, made in India. These baubles are stunning, elegant and unique Christmas decorations!
They are sure to stand out on your tree decorations this year. Can also be used as hanging ornaments all year round or why not gift it to someone this Christmas. The secret of arts and crafts is to mix pattern and print, these baubles work beautifully all mixed up and equally striking as the centrepiece of a theme. Due to their fine quality and hand made appeal, they also make perfect small gifts and stocking fillers for friends and family.

About the Supplier:
The manufacturing partner owns multiple small scale factories in the Srinagar, Kashmir in India. The tradition of the craft has been practised in the region since it was first introduced by Persian travellers in the 14th Century.
The art is in their family since ages and all of their family members are in the same trade. Their life is very difficult as per the current conditions in Kashmir.
He hires more women in his workforce because of the detailed accuracy this work requires. There is no discrimination in the workplace and no child labour. Workers get free and paid holidays. Every factory is registered with the local administrative authorities and is in strict adherence to Birch and Yarn’s fair trade policies.

Environmentally: We use recycled paper for manufacturing and packaging.

Customer Reviews

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Most of the decorations arrived dirty, several were broken, and 5 or 6 of them were covered in black mould spores, with torn and mouldy packaging. They took over a week to arrive and the company took a long time to respond to my delivery query. I wrote with photos to complain about the condition of the decorations once they did arrive, but Birch and Yarn haven't responded. Really disappointing and terrible quality. I opened the parcel of decorations with my young children and their hands and faces got covered with black mould as soon as it was opened - really horrible.