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Pink Handpainted Wooden Incense Holder


W:3.75cm D:25.75cm H:2cm

There’s an unmatchable beauty in everything that’s raw or handcrafted. Your 100% natural incense sticks deserve beautiful holders and ash catchers that are environment friendly too. Do not search further because we heard from you!
This incense stick and cone holder in Elephant
 design is hand-painted on sustainable and eco-friendly mango wood.

Care Instructions:
You can make this product last forever if taken care of properly. It’s easy: clean after every use to avoid burning of the wood by hot ash. Do not leave a lit incense stick or cone alone for long without supervision. Make sure the placement is safe in a well-ventilated area away from pets and small children.

About the Supplier:
The manufacturing partner hails from the Deccan region of the country that is rich in mango wood reserves. The best quality wood is sourced ethically on fair trade agreements from all the respective involved vendor partners: from theirs to ours. The manufacturing partner company is actively ensuring equal planting of trees simultaneously.

Also, every product is made with chemical-free colours because health and safety measures for the staff is the company’s utmost priority. No children below the age of 16 are employed in this endeavour and women are given paid pregnancy leaves. Furthermore, clean drinking water and hygienic loo facilities are provided at the place of manufacturing to all the artisans.