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Sky Blue Hand Painted Clay Floral Elephant Ashcatcher


W:9cm D:6cm H:1.5cm

Your favourite scents and aromas in incense sticks deserve unique stick holders that are equally relaxing. This eye-catching elephant incense stick holders are specially hand skilled with the purpose of making sustainable and environment-friendly products a style statement. Enjoy the perfect finishing on clay that is sourced ethically from the banks of the holy Ganga river itself!

Care Instructions:
All clayware is usually fragile and must be handled with care. The product requires soft-bristled brush cleaning in smooth movement after every use. Do not clean with water or wet/damp cloth because the product is handpainted, so it might ruin the painting and ash from natural incense sticks and cones is usually harmless.

About the Supplier:
The manufacturing partner owns multiple small scale factories in the Banaras aka Varanasi district of Uttar Pradesh. He hires more women in his workforce because of the detailed accuracy this work requires. However, there’s a significant number of male employees as well.
All the employees are provided free breakfast because they’re required to come in earlier during the sunlight hours. 3 of the factories are solely powered on solar energy and it’s a work under-process to make the rest of them solar-panel equipped as well. Every factory is registered with the local administrative authorities and is in strict adherence to Birch and Yarn’s fair trade policies.