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Spiral Hand Engraved Soapstone Ash Catcher


W:3.75cm D:25.75cm H:2cm

Ash catchers are a god-sent for people who love incense sticks and the heart-warming fragrances they leave. This pretty soapstone stick holder in bar pattern is simply our favourite because of the beautiful Spiral engraving they are handcrafted with. Every product is unique because the engravings are not done over automated machines but hand skilled by our talented artisans. Get yours today!

Care Instructions:
All stoneware is usually fragile and must be handled with care. The product requires soft-bristled brush cleaning in smooth movement after every use.
Regular water is enough and you wouldn’t require soap or detergent because the product is smooth surfaced and ash from natural incense sticks and cones is usually harmless.

About the Supplier:
The manufacturer hails from a town in the Agra, India, also globally acclaimed by Taj Mahal. The region is one of the most vibrant places for Indian handicraft exporters. Our manufacturer partner employs nearly 4 dozen employees. No children are hired or allowed inside the factory.
Since the manufacturing process requires cutting of stones, dust safety measures are given an utmost priority in his workplace. At the time of hiring itself, every artisan is further given training to successfully waver off any potential dust hazards. He tries to ensure that familial lineages are given a preference in his workforce because of their knowledge relating to the art.