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Vintage Candle Stand - 106


W:17cm D:17cm H:24cm

There’s plenty of ways to style your homes with antique artefacts. Choose the ones that come with a quality that doesn’t fade away with time and usage. Birch and Yarn present this unique one of a kind candle holder in a blue shade in the shape of a vintage architectural pillar base, the likes of which are found in ancient Indian temples. The hand-carved detailing is precisely done by skilled artisans.

About the Supplier:
Birch and Yarn sources vintage articles from multiple parts of India. Our supplier vendors source their goods from 18 different sub-contractors, all of whom are a part of a single trade union. They employ over 150+ artisans. They get the right pay for the right work with 18 annual paid leaves. The employs have right to join trade unions and bargain collectively. The workplace has no child labour. The workplace has health and safety compliant with hygienic loos.
Other Benefits: Bonus as per company performance, loans, funding as needed.

    Environmentally Conscious:
    No use of harmful chemicals. Proper waste disposal at a government authorised centre for treatment of garbage. The factory has a rain-water harvesting system in place and most of the water required for consumption is sourced from the same.